Optimize by Allsteel

Create efficient, well designed spaces. Whether you’re outfitting a call center, creating teaming areas, replacing a reception desk, or adding new stations for managers, Optimize makes the most out of your office. By bringing together panels, worksurfaces, and storage in one cohesive offering, we’ve made it easy for you to create efficient, well-designed spaces.

Staks by OFS

Staks offers endless flexibility in creating a workplace with a personalized scale, reflecting people's needs and the constraints of your budget. From height-adjustable desks

to highly configurable footprints and components—if you can sketch it, you can spec it with Staks.

Altitude A8 is a  private yet agile workstation. As companies are shifting away from more traditional panel walls in search of options lighter in scale that don’t sacrifice the benefits of private workstations. The result is a more collaborative and agile work environment that responds to the changing needs of business.

Altitude A8 by Allsteel


Terrace by Allsteel

Terrace is a flexible space-planning solution for a variety of design applications and work environments. The system offers aesthetic and design differentiation, from open, light-scale worksettings with lower panel heights to private spaces with higher panels.

Stride by Allsteel

Stride is a furniture collection that seamlessly integrates worksurfaces, storage, space division, and a wide range of choices within a broad surface materials palette to make a statement about your brand and workstyle. Stride works throughout the entire office to respond to changing needs, utilizing panels, desking, benching, and storage options.

Further by Allsteel

Plan your workspace for what you need today, with the confidence you can change and evolve it to meet what tomorrow will bring. All while addressing individual workstyles for how people like to work. Its ability to scale up or down to provide exactly what you need to meet the requirements of the individual, the team, and the organization is just one of the ways Further is helping shape the productive workplace