Organizations will need to take a fresh look at their overall approach to space. Will their office fotprint decrease in reaction to distributed work? Will office landscape increase to support an ecosystem of space types and locations? We are here to help you assess your space and guide you.

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Retrofit Your Space 

As employees return to the office and look forward to working alongside their peers, a retrofitted and redesigned workplace will play a pivotal role in providing a safe environments that can enable productive work. Employers will need to grapple with occupancy limitations, building functions, cleaning protocols, foot traffic, and furniture layouts to offer a workplace that supports a healthy environment. While there is no single “best” approach, we represent a large range of manufacturers with products and  solutions that can help employers adapt their spaces and create an environment that’s resilient for now, near, and next.


Idea Starters

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Union office Interiors offers a team of dedicated designers ready to help you reconfigure your workplace. We understand each space is unique and modifying your layout may not be as simple as adding screens.


Our team of dedicated designers will assist with product recommendations, workstation modifications and provide visuals to help you achieve your ideal work environment.

Design on Demand