Create A 

Safe Workplace

At Union Office Interiors, we are committed to helping you prepare for the return to the workplace. Below, we offer insights, recommendations and solutions to services we offer to get you back to the office safely.
Post Pandemic
Workplace Considerations

Safety, health and wellness will be the top priority when returning to work.


Social and physical distance

protocols will be put into place.


Create clear space division and separation boundaries in the office.

On Demand

Union Office Interiors has a team of dedicated designers ready to help you reconfigure your workplace. ​We understand each customer's space is unique and modifying your layout may not be as simple as adding a screen. ​Our team of dedicated designers will assist with product recommendations, workstation modifications and visualization to help you achieve your ideal office environment.

Designing for
New Realities

Increased need for quickship and easy assemble home office packages

Wellness Practices
Healthier Office Contributors
Built Environment/ Design
Learn the cleanabilty of fabrics, increase separation by creating markers, boundaries and adding screens.
Work Culture
Create remote work policy, have mental and physical health care and resources available. Maintain and communicate cleaning schedules and adapt to new health trends.
Stay home when sick, wash hands frequently, do not touch your face and practice social distancing.
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From Home

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