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5 Tips To Stay Motivated While WFH

1. Recreate Your Office At Home

Create your "home base". Your home base will be a space in your home that allows for you to facilitate your work, a creative environment with minimal distractions. Find a place that will work for you. We recommend your kitchen table, desk in your bedroom or your home office, anywhere you can lay out your work and achieve your daily goals. This space will be crucial to maintain your normal routine while you work from home.

2. Stay Connected

Working your typical 9AM-5PM will benefit you in the long run during this #WFH stretch. As great as sleeping in sounds, we will all eventually shift back to our normal schedules. Being able to efficiently meet the needs of customers means showing up on time. Establish communication norms with your coworkers and clients, clearly state your hours and properly update your calendar and maintain communication with coworkers. Overly communicating and clarifying can only benefit you when you are working remote.

3. Remote Work Tools

Maintaining communication is important when you are not physically able to connect and work with others. Encouraging team meetings and staying virtually connected will be crucial for effective communication while working remote. Video conferencing tools have helped colleagues immensely to stay on track and work towards a common goal. Prioritize virtual meetings and make sure the goal is clearly stated while scheduling. Have someone pilot each meeting, this will help keep your team and customers on track and motivated!

4. Practice Virtual Etiquette

Virtual etiquette is similar to office etiquette. Apply how you would treat a in person meeting to your virtual ones. Be sure to eliminate background noise, silence your cell phone, prioritize the virtual meeting and never keep people waiting on you to join! Show up (virtually), dress up, and come prepared to add value to each virtual meeting.

5. Maintain Balance

Be sure to prioritize your time. Be available for your team and clients during your normal working hours, engage with clients and coworkers. Avoid overworking by clearly defining your hours, be sure to include small breaks and make time for lunch. Separating your work life from home life may seem difficult but taking a few of these steps into consideration may help you find that delineation.

We wish everyone safety, and good health during these uncertain times. Please feel free to reach out with questions, concerns & comments. We would love to virtually network and bounce ideas off each other during this time. If you need help planning out your new home office and want ergo products with quick shipping, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

The freedom of working from home may be new to some and old to others, we look forward to hearing your thoughts on our #WFH blog post!




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