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Returning to the workplace will feel extremely different from when we arrived pre pandemic. The focus when returning will be on the safety and wellness of all employees. The reality is, our employees will be cautious and uneasy when returning to the workplace. As employers, it is important to alleviate some of the everyday stressors when returning and implement smart products and procedures to keep all safe. While reminding users to be cautious should most assuredly be a part of your plan, there are ways to do that without adding to users’ anxiety or causing them to panic. As a furniture dealership, we want to provide our clients with products that just make sense in the post pandemic workplace.


The addition of wellness screens will be the simplest and quickest way to make an immediate impact to support social distancing in any workspace. A majority of screens can retrofit to existing furniture in your office, making screening a quick solution to the social distance requirements. Wellness screens act as a space divided and supports social distance recommendations, they carve out personalized workspaces, help reduce noise, act as a sneeze guard and enhances the productivity and wellbeing of employees.

Metal Table Screens

As a premier Allsteel dealer, we will be recommending products specifically created for the post pandemic workplace. Allsteel's universal metal table mounted screens offer a cleanable and easily retrofitted solution to create boundaries in the workplace. Metal screens offer users a sense of privacy while also providing a magnetic surface for posting notes or an optional marker board finish as a writable surface. Extended lateral screens offer an additional 12" boundary between users.

Acrylic Table Screens

Allsteel's universal acrylic table mounted screens offer a cleanable, easily retrofitted solution to create boundaries within the workplace. Available in 20"H and 25"H, acrylic screens offer users protection and personal division within a workspace. Extended lateral screens offer an additional 12" boundary between users.

Freestanding Screens

Acrylic Freestanding Screens offer a cleanable, transparent solution to create a protective barrier between users. Models with a transaction cut-out are a solution for reception and other front-desk applications. Varying screen sizes provide solutions for different types of spaces. From a large reception desk to a smaller check-in space, this screen solution blocks germs without interrupting communication.

Hands-Free Pulls

Foot and arm pulls allow for hands-free entry on any latch-less door, making them ideal for high traffic areas. A hands-free operation helps to prevent cross-contamination in high traffic areas. The hands-free pulls are shipped with mounting hardware to accommodate either metal or solid wood doors and are offered in either a pack of 5 or 15. Hands-free pulls can be installed in minutes using the included mounting hardware. A toothed edge on foot pull ensures a no-slip grip will make these pulls the perfect addition to any office.

Height- Adjustable Table Foot Control

The Allsteel height-adjustable table foot control allows for hands-free adjustment at any Altitude A6 or A3 table. The hands-free operation helps prevent the spread of germs, making the control a great solution for individual or shared workspaces. The wireless design offers a cleanable and functional solution. They are easy to install, battery operated and can be retrofitted to current workstations or adding on to new Altitude A6 workstations.

Sanitizer Solutions

Easy and accessible sanitizing solutions will be imperative in the post pandemic workplace. Free Standing and Wall Mounted solutions will help employees stay bacteria-free while moving throughout the office.

Free Standing Sanitizer

Incorporating freestanding stations within the office aids in preventing the transfer of germs between meetings and high-traffic areas. Bottle holders at individual workstations free up valuable workspace to allow for easy surface cleaning while promoting more frequent sanitizing. The product has a metal freestanding base for added stability, a drip tray to prevent sanitizer spills and the holder is compatible with most standard hand sanitizer dispensers.

Wall Mounted Sanitizer

Having a place to hold hand sanitizers either on panels or architectural walls, keeps items in consistent locations and prevents cluttering a table or work surface. The hand sanitizer holder can be inserted into Allsteel's Beyond slotted standards between panels. The holder is designed to fit most 8 oz bottles of hand sanitizer.

Height-Adjustable Split-Top Worksurface

Gunlocke's Silea is the perfect desk for the post pandemic office. The Height-Adjustable Split-Top Worksurface separates work zones to promote social distancing. The desk is available in veneer, laminate, or veneer with painted chassis and 5 metal finishes.




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