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Ergonomics & Wellness #WFH

We wanted to point out the importance of practicing Ergonomics & Wellness while working from home during this extended period of time.

Ergonomics: The study of people's efficiency in their working environment.

Make sure your at home work space is ergonomic approved! When our designers are creating ergonomic solutions for our clients, they always recommend height adjustable options and seating that will support employees for the entire work day. Here are a few life hacks and home office solution options that will help the ergonomics in your #WFH set up.

Allsteel Aware Table: $366.00

Sit & Stand:

Change your posture frequently! Make sure to get up and move around every 45 minutes. Increase movements and posture variations throughout your entire day. A tip you can incorporate would be to have your mornings as your time to sit and after lunch as your time to stand. If you do not have access to a height adjustable table or desk, move over to any raised surface in your home or stack books or a box on your work area to raise your laptop or computer. A 6-12" elevation should do the trick to make your workstation "height adjustable".

Interested in purchasing a height adjustable table for your home?

Allsteel's Altitude, height adjustable table is available for our clients with a HUGE discount! We are offering this desk for $582.00 (available in designer white and fawn cypress sizes and prices vary).

  • Ships in 3-5 Days

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Extra discounted pricing available until 4/30

But when you're just sitting:

step away from the couch!

Use a barstool or chair whenever possible. Find a chair that will be able to support your body throughout the day. Looking for an office chair that supports you? Allsteel has a variety of task chairs available for our clients that supports your posture, promotes your health, which encourages productivity.

Allsteel strives to design human-centric seating, incorporating ergonomics seamlessly.

Our best selling task chairs are available for as low as $325.00 in modern finishes.

Follow these steps for proper adjustment!

Lumbar Support

  • Helps maintain curvature of the spine for a healthy posture.

Pressure Distribution

  • Seat curvatures are designed to provide a foundation that minimizes fatigue and reduces pressure points.


  • Seating is designed to support activity sitting, as prolonged sedentary behavior can be harmful and should be avoided.

Promote Wellness In Your Office Setup:

Listen to your body – if you are starting to feel fatigue or discomfort, reassess and reorganize your workspace. If possible, sit near a window! Natural light, nature and the view of the outdoors can improve your mood and mental wellbeing. Natural light can even aid with circadian rhythm and improve your overall sleep quality.

Consider Your Physical Wellness:

Adjust your posture or engage in a activity every hour or so. Wether you are just walking up and down the stairs, doing a set of squats or calve raises, keep your body active! Pacing during phone calls can also provide full-body, dynamic movement without disengaging with your work. Take your lunch and other meaningful breaks for 30 minutes. If possible and safe, take a lunch and eat with family or friends. Enjoy lunch away from your work and when you return you will be ready to be fully engaged in your work again.

Maintain Your "Sane":

Set realistic goals, and maintain realistic expectations given your constraints and work environment. Communication with others will be key to your wellbeing during this time. Clearly communicate goals and challenges with your coworkers so you can adjust to be the most productive during #WFH. Separate your work from your life. Many people put in more hours when they are working from home and often don't know how to shut it off. Schedule time to call family, engage in activities other than work and you will be sure to maintain "sane"!

We are all in this together. Create an office that works for you while you are working from home. Maintain your sanity, incorporate ergonomics and consider your wellbeing during these times!




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