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Allsteel showroom - Boston, MA

Welcome to Union Office interiors! Opening our doors on Union street, we've quickly grown with the market and expanded from an office supply business to a full service office furniture dealer. With over 50 years in the office supply and furniture industry we have remained true to our core message.

CEO, Louis Fargoso on the key to UOi's success

“Fostering and maintaining relationships with superior customer service is our key to success all these years”.

Every single customer we work with is guaranteed to receive the highest quality of work, functional products and the space of their dreams. We respect our client's time, budget and vision. We especially take pride in knowing our success is due to our long standing relationships with our clients.

So what exactly do we do you ask?

We provide furniture solutions to the Greater Boston Area and beyond.

Scope of Services:


We use computer-aided design to aid in the accurate creation, medication, analysis, and optimization of the design for your office space.​


CET Designer is the new, intelligent, highly visual and intuitive space planning software that creates real life visuals so you can picture your team in your new space.


Not only will we aid in visualizing your new space, we help you understand the dimensions of the products we will be placing into your new space.


At anytime throughout the process we are able to pull up your space plan, our drawings and create real time adjustments to ensure the space is everything you want and more. ​


We create an interactive experience for our clients, we want you involved in the process from start to finish. Live renderings help us produce and analyze your space in real time.​

Our Commitment is to You!

We believe that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes every project we complete special. Our team is dedicated to you. Our unique approach to service has led us to great deal of life-long partnerships. We consider our selves lucky to work with a variety of amazing companies and they always appreciate our team based efforts. We don’t take our responsibilities as a part of your team lightly and your dedicated project team will prove it.​

Every aspect of our project involvement is carefully managed to make sure that everything from design to procurement to delivery and installation stays on track for success.

As a company we practice complete project awareness through comprehensive information management. ​As an ongoing and personal commitment to our clients and their project teams, we post project updates, schedule, drawings for online access at anytime, as well as onsite Ipad adjustments as needed.

We want partnering with Union Office Interiors to be an exceptional experience. 




226 Andover Street

Wilmington, MA 01887


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