5 Solutions To Support A Healthy Workplace

As more companies begin planning the return to the workplace, ensuring a healthy and safe environment for the COVID-19 pandemic is more important than ever! These 5 solutions make returning to the office effortless. From cleanable screens to personal protective equipment stands, Union office Interiors is here to provide you with a variety of premium healthy workplace accessories.

1. Wellness Screens


The addition of wellness screens to any workplace environment is essential to make an immediate impact to support social distancing standards. These screens are capable of much more than distance and space division, they carve out personalized workspaces, they aid in reducing noise levels, act as a sneeze guard support to minimize the spread of germs and enhances productivity and overall well being for all. With companies like Allsteel and Hon offering lifetime warranties, investing in these screens is a no-brain-er!

Universal Metal Screens

  • Easy to clean

  • Provides a magnetic surface for posting notes

Optional marker board finish as a writable surface.

Universal Acrylic Screens (Table/Benching Solutions)

  • Easy to clean

  • Offers user protection and personal division

  • Available in 20"H & 25"H

  • Extended lateral screens offer additional 12" boundary between users

Universal Acrylic or Plexi-Glass Freestanding Screens

  • Easy to clean, transparent solution

  • Varies in screen size to support reception and other front-desk applications

  • Available with transaction cut outs

  • Blocks germs without interrupting necessary communication

2. Panel Stackers


Universal Panel Stackers add the required distance to your office space by providing additional height to existing workstation panels. The stack on bracket allows glass to be added to a variety of panels of different thickness. Simple to install and easy to remove!

3. Door Pulls


Foot and arm pulls allow for hands-free entry on latch-less doors. The hands free operation helps to prevent cross contamination in high traffic areas. Shipped with metal or solid wood hardware to accommodate either metal or solid wood doors. Available in black or titanium, sold in packs of 5 or 15.

4. Personal Protective Equipment


Providing personal protective equipment to all employees will be a necessity. The main goal is to keep all employees safe and healthy. Providing equipment like sanitizer wipes, masks and personal sanitizers will help ensure employee safety and wellness. Our supplies division - unionoffice.com can recommend the highest rated personal protective equipment on the market. Looking for a solution on where to keep these items? Look no further, Hon and Allsteel have you covered!

4. Hand Sanitizer Stations


Easily accessible sanitizing stations that helps employees stay bacteria free. Best to incorporate in high traffic areas to fight germs between meetings or restroom visits. Interested in keeping your sanitizer in consistent locations? Wall mounted is the way to go! Wall mounted sanitizer helps prevent cluttered tables and worksurfaces.

Everything in this article is available to order, and more information can be provided if needed. Keep in mind it is never to early to prepare your return to the workplace!

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