Dynamic Movement & Heat Mapping

To evolve our understanding of how to best plan for social distancing and circulating in the office, our manufacturing partner, Allsteel partnered with global engineering and analytics firm Buro Happold.  This plan will be assessed for its accommodation of social distancing, using the Buro Happold Workplace Analytics Model with over 15 years of research into human behavior. 
Simulation in Action
Simulation Broken Down
Base Layout:
No furniture changes
100% desk occupancy
Collisions 75% of the time
Base Layout with Distancing:
Removal or marking of seats
52% desk occupancy
Collisions 0.7% of the time
Intervention Layout
Furniture reconfigurations
100% desk occupancy
Collisions 1.4% of the time
Designing for
New Realities
Screen Shot 2020-06-29 at 12.02.04 PM.pn






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