Everything you need to know about your new furniture - from set up to how it works!


Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I being asked for my credit card information at checkout?

NEVER provide your credit card information when checking out.

Be sure to use discount code: BAEWFH 

You will see the prompt to enter the promo code on your cart part or at your final checkout page.

Online shopping guidelines. What am I allowed to purchase?

Pre approved BAE employees are allowed to purchase the following:

  • 1 Chair

  • 1 Desk

  • 1 Mobile Ped

  • Up to 2 Monitor Arms

How will my furniture be delivered?

Products will ship via UPS or FedEx in 6-10 business days or less to your door step. We will provide tracking information once it becomes available. 

My Furniture Arrived. How do I assemble?

Installation instructions are provided in every shipment. You can also find tutorials on the associated product page or below.

Coordinate Height Adjustable Table

Ignition 2.0 Assembly

Solve Install

I am physically unable to assemble my furniture. Do you offer White Glove Service?

If required, Union Office Interiors can provide White Glove Service in our dedicated service areas when a person is physically incapable of installing furniture. Please email Rich and let us know your service area.


My furniture arrived damaged. Can I return it?

If your furniture arrives damaged, please send a picture of the damage, a picture of the product serial number under the item (example pictured on right) and a brief description of the damage to RFragoso@unionoffice.com

How do I reset my Height Adjustable Table?

Please follow the instructions below-

Coordinate Troubleshooting


Home Office

Ergonomic Tips

At Union Office Interiors, we care about your well-being. Here are some tips you can incorporate to make your work from home experience a little more comfortable. 


Lessen Leg Discomfort

A. Make sure you have at least two finger’s width of space behind your kneecap to your seat with knees at a 90 degree angle to allow for a better sit.

B. Vary between sitting and standing while at your desk to increase blood supply and foster productivity


Reduce Risk Of Lower Back Pain

Reduce lower back discomfort by sitting all the way back into the lumbar of your chair and adjusting the manual lumbar portion of your chair (if available).


Decrease Shoulder Stress

Sitting up straight, shoulders should be relaxed, not “hunched”.


Lower Wrist and Hand Discomfort

With elbows about 90-100 degrees, make sure hands are straight and supported by the table.


Minimize Neck Strain

If using monitor arms, adjust your computer screen so the top is eye level and about an arm’s length away to bring the neck back into alignment with the spine.


Diminish Fatigue

Engage muscles by changing postures and reclining.

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