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Upcoming Webinar:


The ABC's


of Acoustics​​

April 20 9:00AM

April 22 11:00AM

Meet The Experts:


Ioana Pieleanu


An acoustician, Principal Consultant and Board Member at Acentech, Ioana is also an accomplished musician with more than 20 years of piano and music studies. Ioana brings a musician’s honed ear to her acoustics practice. Her consulting expertise encompasses room acoustics, sound isolation, and mechanical systems noise and vibration control.


Marie Lindqvist Pahlstad


Marie Lindqvist Pahlstad, 48 years young , founded Zilenzio together with Jenny Helldén 17 years ago. The two have remained determined to undertake this journey in their own way, ensuring their employees are treated like family with a sustainable business that is about the planet and the people.



Jonas Pahlstad

Jonas has worked at Zilenzio for 7 years, his wife (Marie Lindqvist Pahlstad) founded Zilenzio 17 years ago. The two have remained dedicated to undertake this journey in their own way.  



Jonas is a sport lover, both exercise and watching it. Wants to try Platform Tennis when getting to Us. 

Union Office Interiors

Allen Hull

With over 12 years experience in the industry, Allen is looking forward to engaging with the audience and having a candid conversation about his work with acoustics. Allen will share his personal experiences of acoustics in the workplace.


the sound environment

Join the experts in improving healthy acoustic surroundings from Union Office Interiors, Allsteel | Gunlocke, Zilenzio and Acentech. We will discuss acoustic considerations for a balanced sound environment at every workplace.

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