Architectural & Freestanding Walls

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The Aspect frameless glass wall system is an elegant solution that creates offices and conference rooms providing visual transparency while maintaining acoustical privacy. System components are intentionally designed to fit and function cohesively, ensuring installation consistency and ease. 

Aspect by Allsteel


Beyond by Allsteel

The efficient functionality of Beyond walls offers built-in flexibility that responds to the constant rhythm of business change. With a large selection of aesthetic choices, you can move beyond permanent drywall solutions and rigid space planning to create flexible workspaces that are ready to reconfigure and walls that are easy to relocate for change the future may bring.
beyond pavilian.jpg

Beyond Pavilion by Allsteel

Beyond Pavilion installs easily and adjust quickly with the exclusive integrated leveling mechanism. Beyond Pavilion let's in more natural light than traditional drywall, which helps increase wellness in the workplace. Built in flexibility, perfect for all workplace solutions.

Beyond Viz by Allsteel

Beyond Viz allows for open and collaborative spaces throughout the floorplan that allows for different types of work among teams. Perfect for employees to gather and exchange ideas. This product offers functional privacy, designed for flexibility. 

Clubhouse by Allsteel

Create a secluded place in any space. Clubhouse is a furniture solution that provides space delineation without the need for architecture, while facilitating concentration for small groups in the open-plan office. Clubhouse is available in multiple configurations.

Beyond Trellis by Allsteel

Beyond Trellis is the perfect architectural structure for an open framework in the workplace. Beyond Trellis gives the phone booth, but offers a larger solution for design flexibility.