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We’re a modern, innovative company with deeply held values that were born at our founding, back in 1966. Values like integrity, quality and honesty, as well as a dedication to service and a passion for continuous improvement. We’re a group of experienced, highly skilled individuals who pride ourselves working flawlessly together as a team.

We opened on Union Street in Boston, back in 1966. In 1983, to better service our clients, we added an office furniture division. To improve distribution, in 2006, we expanded to Hanover, MA.  Then in 2009, we moved our headquarters to a state of the art, 25,000 square foot facility in Wilmington, MA and extended our operation with a dealership in Augusta, ME. And most recently, in 2013, we added a new office in downtown Boston. All of our moves, from the very beginning, were made for one reason: to make us the most progressive, most efficient, most customer-focused company in the industry.

Our partnership with HNI Brands was developed to support our clients no matter their location, size or needs. This strategy delivers a reliable, consistent process which in turn creates success for our clients. We are confident that the synergy of this dealer partnership will be a key ingredient for success.

Let’s Work Together

226 Andover Street

Wilmington, MA 01887

Tel: 781-396-6400

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